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Google has revolutionized the way the world accesses information. Nowadays, with one simple search query, web users can get answers fromGoogle’s’ Universal Search in a multitude of forms, from maps, images and news to shopping results, business websites and videos.

According to a recent study by Searchmetrics, the dominant media is video with 65% of Google Universal Search Results yielding video content. And of course the video sharing site we all know and love, YouTube, is home to 54% of these videos. Why? Because Google owns YouTube and therefore trusts it as a reliable and relevant resource for Internet users.

In spite of this, market data shows that YouTube is slowly losing its firm grip of the market. But this doesn’t mean that it’s still not the # 1 online video media platform. In fact, no other video sharing site exceeded 10% of the results yielded by Google’s Universal Search, so YouTube remains a dominant and very important resource for businesses that wish to optimize their social media presence.

More and More People Using Google Universal Search

The analysis by Searchmetricsalso revealed that more and more people are turning to Google Universal Search to find information, with an increase in the number of search queries containing the words “Universal Search” beginning in 2013. It is postulated that the increasing numbers of users using Universal Search could be linked with the growing number of images and video content in the results pages. People respond more to these more engaging forms of media when looking for information, rather than business websites or reams and reams of text.

What Does This Mean to the Marketing Industry?

The message would seem quite clear: web users are specifically altering their search queries to find multimedia content. Instead of a text-dense informative websites, blogs and other results, they are looking for relevant YouTube clips, podcasts, pictures and Infographics. Visual media has a considerable impact upon the audience, which means that anyone and everyone involved in some kind of marketing endeavor needs to jump on the bandwagon!

Visual media also has the ability to convey messages in a far quicker, more succinct and more dramatic way. The ease with which this content can be shared, commented on and distributed is also fantastic for Google rankings and this is highly desirably for digital marketers trying to get their clients into top positions on results pages.

In short, it pays out big time for digital marketers to encourage clients to diversify their media by producing more videos and images. Web users AND Google are paying closer attention to them, and so should your marketing strategy.

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