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In the digital marketing industry, it is especially important for agencies to be able to communicate effectively with and relate well to clients. After all, with results that aren’t always instantaneous, you need to be able to reassure your clients that the investments they make today will pay off tomorrow. Inability to do so could very well mean failure.

As you well know, marketing campaigns are ongoing endeavors that require constant communication and feedback if they are to evolve and become as successful and effective as possible. As such, it is vital for agencies to maintain a good relationship with their clients. A good relationship means greater success and ahigher ROI for both parties.

Here are three easy ways you can do this!

1. Communicate!

It is vital that you remain constantly connected to your client so that you can build a solid foundation of trust. Provide regular and thorough reports on what you’ve done and where the campaign is at, even if there isn’t any tangible progress, so that your client can see where their money is going.

Encourage questions and respond to them promptly and in a friendly manner. Don’t become irritated or frustrated with a panicky client or one who inundates your email inbox. When possible, try to speak to them face-to-face or over the phone as opposed to sticking exclusively with email. Clients are humans too and they need to feel connected to a face or a voice, rather than just an email address.

Be friendly, communicative and within easy reach.

2. Encourage Clients to Take Risks and See Failure with Fresh Eyes

As with any kind of investment, greater risks often yield greater rewards. Unlike stock market investments, however, trends are not controlled by some unknown formula or equation. Risks taken with marketing strategy, such as SEO, can reveal priceless insight and the lesson learned from a failure can prove more valuable in the long run.

What your clients will need to understand from the outset is that not seeing the desired results from a particular marketing strategy, tool or effort should not be viewed as “failure.” Rather, it is an opportunity for you to learn about what doesn’t work for your client and therefore what to avoid in future. A marketing campaign can only improve through learning and there is seldom any education without a few mistakes.

Remember, it’s not the tried-and-tested routes that are necessarily the best for a particular client’s industry. Sometimes, you need to take risks and strike out from the path most travelled to discover new strategies that might yield unprecedented results.

3. Work Closely With Your Client

Just because you may have several other clients in the same industry, doesn’t mean you should apply a cookie-cutter mold to their marketing campaign. It is vital that you sit down with your client and listen closely to their vision, their experience, their desires and connections.

Incorporate their unique brand into your strategy and approach their campaign with new ideas, fresh eyes and a blank canvas. Sure, experience is important and you should make use of what you have learned in the past, but make sure you work closely with your client to realize your goals or else they aren’t going to see their unique voice in the outcomes you achieve.

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