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Sometimes it takes a little perspective and some understanding to encourage thrifty business owners to “spend money in order to make money.” Here are three important conversations SEO and digital marketing resellers should be having with their clients to encourage them to expand the services they are receiving. This means greater revenue for both you and your client!

1. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube… and the importance of social media to the modern business.

The number and diversity of social media and networking sites have literally exploded over the past decade and the resultant 500+ sites out there in the virtual ether offer your clients a unique and highly effective way to communicate their brand name and identity to their target audiences. As the face of an agency that caters to the design and digital marketing needs of business owners, it’s fundamental that they understand just how important social media is as a brand awareness, reputation management and business-expanding platform.

Social media marketing can seem like an intangible service to invest in until you understand how the right strategies can take a business from invisible online to top rankings on Google search results pages.

Make use of the following PDF marketing materials and Infographics to help communicate the importance of social media marketing with your clients. These can be rebranded to reflect your company’s identity:

2. What’s Twitter All About

Twitter is a massive player in the world of social media and networking. This site alone has added a myriad of words to the modern English dictionary with concepts such as ‘Tweet’ being used in professional publications and broadcasts. So how can your clients use Twitter as a powerful marketing tool? How can a mere 140-character status update shift the way your client’s target audience sees them?

As a digital marketing reseller, you will be fully aware of the very important impact of social media sites, such as a Twitter, on a business’ brand, online reputation, web traffic, lead conversion rates and business revenue. Using Twitter can maximize your client’s marketing potential and we here at Fusion Media have the cutting-edge tools, tips and techniques necessary to sculpt Twitter’s capabilities to suit your client’s niche industry.

3. Demystifying Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a massive buzz-word and an essential social media strategy to implement in any online marketing campaign. This can be readily appreciated when you consider that more than 85% of all Internet users conduct online research (regarding products and services) using search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Getting your client’s business website into the top 10 search results yielded by these search engines is essential if people are to ‘find’ them instead of their competitors when searching for the products and services your client offers.

SEO is the strategy that will help you achieve these results for your clients and it is absolutely indispensible! With the right expertise and a keen understanding of the very latest in search engine algorithms and trends, Fusion Media can maximize your client’s website exposure to its target audience.

Check out the following PDF marketing materials and Infographics, all of which can be rebranded by resellers:

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