Why Choose Fusion?

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Fusion Media Marketing combines the benefits of offshore outsourcing and white label, private label services and reseller programs for you to help advance your business’ capabilities and success in this digital age.

With 18 years of positive outcomes for our clients, Fusion Media is one of the most experienced and successful Private Label Digital Marketing companies in America. We have been in operation since 1996 and have six years of new SMO software development at our disposal. Our track record speaks very much for itself and we offer resellers unique, proprietary software and processes that guarantee results for their clients.

Fusion Media limits our services to 10 clients per category and geographical location so that we can ensure page one results for your clients on search engines. We also offer resellers turnkey start up and implementation and a comprehensive no cost, no obligation website analysis to help you close clients fast!

Why Outsource?


It’s a typical question asked by professionals who work in the fields of design and digital marketing. What’s the point in outsourcing services that are essential to your industry when you could be doing it yourself? Quite simply, outsourcing the “grind work” enables you to focus on maintaining existing client relations and on sourcing NEW clients! We offer our services at wholesale prices, which allows the reseller to fulfill the needs of your clients without doing any work at all and yet, STILL make an incredible profit.

Take a look…

Typical Reseller Scenario

Agency Wholesale Pricing Versus Agency Retail Pricing

  • Fusion Media Website Design: The cost of website design for a basic up-to 50 page website will cost you $3,250. That’s $65 per page. The retail cost you can charge for that website is, at $125 per page, competitive at $6,250. By outsourcing your client’s website, you can make $3,000 without raising a finger and without using any of your business’ time, money or other resources!
  • Fusion Media SEO Package: We provide comprehensive SEO monthly maintenance for only $1,500, which you can competitively market at $2,500. That’s another $1,000 in the bank with little effort.
  • Fusion Media SMO Package: The cost of our comprehensive Social Media Optimization service is $850, which you can competitively retail at $1,650.

And so you can see that while you focus on getting new clients and marketing your own business, you can outsource all of your web design, SEO, SMO and other digital marketing services to Fusion Media at a cost that leaves you with the lion’s share of your income and a very tidy profit.

Fusion Media: take your marketing and design company to the next level.

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