Qualify to Resell

Fusion Media Marketing is closed to the public, which means that we have a few criteria in place for the marketing and design agencies that would like to work with us. In order to qualify as a reseller, you first and foremost need to meet the requirements outlined below before you get into contact with us. This will save you time and energy.

1. You Must Be Aligned With Our Industry

Your intention must be to resell our digital design and marketing services to your own clients and not to try to benefit from the wholesale prices we provide in order to advance the marketing of your own enterprise.

2. We Require Proof of Intent

Even if you are a brand new company, we do require proof that you exist and that you have a business plan in place. Having a website is also preferable as proof that you already are or intend to become a SEO reseller; however, we do aid our clients in building up their online marketing strategy and website. Essentially, we want to see evidence that you are a legitimate enterprise with real intentions to do business. If you have no business plan, no website and no proof of being current with the industry, we will be unlikely to do business with you.

3. We Should Speak the Same Language

The digital design and marketing services we provide are exclusively in English.

4. Your Clients’ Industry

We do not provide our services to clients whose industry lies in the realm of adult content, obscenity, drugs or any political or religious extremism. While we approach our clients’ content with objectivity, here at Fusion Media Marketing, we prefer to protect our staff from inappropriate content and from content they might find offensive.

5. Professionalism with Our Team

We absolutely require that all clients are professional with our team at all times. Here at Fusion Media Marketing, we strive to create a productive, fun and safe working environment for our team and so, we require our resellers to treat our employees with respect and professionalism. If you are at any time dissatisfied with a service, our CEO will be happy to address this with you directly and find a prompt resolution to the problem.

We will not tolerate threats, cursing or insults to our staff, regardless of stress levels. Please ensure that all members of your staff are consistent in their professional approach to ours.

6. Are You Ready?

Make sure you’re absolutely ready to begin, because the minute you sign up with us, you’ll have 60 days to avail of at least one of our services. So, if you aren’t ready to pull the trigger, it’s best that you wait until you have a plan in mind. If you do sign up, but don’t create a single campaign or pay for a single service within 60 days, we’ll deactivate your account and it will cost you a small fee to re-activate it. Fusion Media Marketing does this to ensure that all the members in our system are actively engaged in doing business with us.

Do You Meet All These Criteria?

If your company meets all of the criteria discussed above, then you are certainly ready to take the next step to becoming a partner of our marketing and design outsource provider! Please do note that becoming a Fusion Media Marketing SEO reseller comes hand-in-hand with certain responsibilities (Click Here ), so please make sure you understand those before proceeding to contact us.

Sign Up To Become a Reseller
Please note that Fusion Media Marketing reserves the right to deny applications that do not meet the terms listed above. If at any point in time the above terms are not met while engaging in business with Fusion Media Marketing, services may be discontinued and your access to our systems could be revoked.

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We greatly look forward to becoming a part of your online marketing team!