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When it comes to understanding what workflow or methodology works best for you company you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you going to use our keyword research, website audit reports and competition analysis to make a pitch to your leads or clients?
  1. Do you want to first make use of a paid website audit report before launching your client’s SEO campaign? Or would you rather leave that until after the campaign has been launched, in which case we’ll diagnose and fix problems along the way?

Depending on how you answer the above questions, you will fit into one of the below workflows. Please note that most companies do not have ONLY one workflow for sales, but different workflows for different situations:

Option 1: Do It Yourself

Fast SEO Launch – For High Volume Sales

The Fast SEO launch enables you to close clients fast and get campaigns launched immediately without the need for any time-consuming research, auditing and reporting. Resellers decide on a list of keywords independently of Fusion Media’s research and enter the “proposal request” into the dashboard when you are ready to pay for the campaign.

Once you have completed the SEO campaign launch steps (so that we know what you want) and have then paid the invoice, we will commence immediately with the launch. Within the first month of the campaign, we will communicate the need for any SEO repairs, which might entail additional costs. You can then contact the client and explain the need for additional work accordingly.

With the fast SEO launch, problems are identified subsequent to project commencement so as to get the campaign off to as fast a start as possible.

Option 2: A Helping Hand

Sufficiently Paced SEO Launch – The Most Popular



The second of the three options we make available to resellers is the most popular. It begins with you submitting a proposal request and completing our intake form. Within the first two days of signing up, we will send you keyword research, a competition analysis and a free site audit report. You can use these to communicate your recommendations to your potential client and with such a detailed and professional presentation on how to take their online marketing forward, you’ll find that clients almost always jump on board!

Once the SEO campaign launch steps have been completed and you have paid the invoice, we will begin. Follow up takes place within the first month, during which we will communicate any additional costs with you. Having said this, owing to the fact that we have already performed a website audit prior to signing, it isn’t often that additional costs crop up. Given the industry, however, unforeseen problems are far from unheard of, as resellers will be wholly aware of.

Option 3: Heavy Lifting

Slow Paced SEO Launch – For Select Websites and Large Marketing Campaigns

The final of three options we offer to resellers is for large, complex websites and marketing plans. The process begins with your proposal request and the completion of our intake form. As with Option 2, we will then provide you with your keyword research, competition analysis and free site audit reports. This usually takes two working days. You can make use of this information to close your client, after which, the campaign launch steps are completed and the invoice paid.

Our team will then launch the paid website audit report (WAP), which we shall return to you within seven working days. This report identifies any issues, problems and additional costs that, which you can communicate with your client. The SEO proposal is then modified according to the insight provided by the WAP and the new invoice is paid before we launch the SEO campaign.

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