FAQs About SEO Reseller

FAQ About SEO Reseller

FAQ: What’s the cost of getting started with Fusion Media?

Answer: It won’t cost you a dime to get started as a valued partner of Fusion Media. There are no upfront fees, no licensing, no royalty and no membership fees.We will set you up with your own client dashboard as well as provide you with all initial website audits, reporting, account management and proposals completely free of charge.
You only pay for the digital marketing services you get for your clients and for comprehensive SEO compliance audits, should your clients wish to receive one for their websites.You then pay Fusion Media once you have successfully contracted with a client and you have been paid by them.

FAQ: What services does Fusion Media cover?

Answer: Our services cover the A to Z of design and digital marketing! From the conception of an online marketing campaign and its proposal to the implementation and maintenance of comprehensive and sophisticated SEO strategy… Fusion Media does it all. Whether you are interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), online reputation management, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, content creation, video marketing or web design, you will find your digital marketing needs and those of your clients fully catered to at wholesale prices.
Please check out our Service Page to read more about what we offer our partners.

FAQ: As an SEO and digital marketing reseller, how much money can I expect to make?

Answer:We work with all our Resellers to assist them in developing a realistic business plan, including a marketing and sales plan that helps our Resellers develop reasonable projections for total revenue. We provide excel spreadsheets that provide a sample of cash flow and sales projections. These constitutea template for estimating total new revenue, estimated cost of services and projected net operating income over 1 to 3 years.
Individual results will vary and we are not guaranteeing any financial results, so as with any business, your results will depend entirely on your dedication to following the plan you outline. Having said this, our existing clients enjoy a very profitable business relationship with us!

FAQ: Do I need to have much marketing knowledge to begin with?

Answer:Our Resellers do not have to have any technical knowledge, but having fundamental knowledge about Internet marketing will always make your entrance into this arena faster and more profitable. After all, you will have to convince your clients that you are an industry expert and being able to explain our services is an integral part of encouraging them to sign up for larger, more complex packages!
Given the constant and rapid state of change in this industry, Fusion Media provides ongoing training for our Resellers to assist them in becoming as knowledgeable as possible when it comes to marketing their own business as well as their clients’ businesses.

FAQ: How can I build my business and secure more clients?

Answer:You are responsible for developing your own digital marketing plan. We do, however, provide assistance with developing that plan, and in most cases you’re going to want to utilize our services for your own business so that you are able to show your potential clients that you can walk the talk.

FAQ: What’s appropriate to charge my clients for Internet marketing services?

Answer:Although your pricing is completely at your discretion, we recommend a 2.5 times multiplier. So if our wholesale pricing to our Resellers is $1,000, on average our Resellers will charge $2,500 to their customers for that service. Some Resellers are able to charge higher multipliers depending on their individual circumstances, and some Resellers choose to charge lower multipliers to win more business. At the end of the day, whatever you decide to charge is completely at your discretion.

FAQ: What should I do if one of my clients cancels their plan?

Answer:Every client has a thirty (30) day right to terminate their package, so you just need to give us the same written confirmation of the account cancellation and we’ll note it accordingly. The reason we require 30-day notice is because much of the content development work for the subsequent month will have already been completed.

FAQ: How does payment work for Resellers?

Answer:Our Resellers enter into agreements directly with their end clients. Once a Reseller has a signed an agreement and has received an initial payment from their client, the Reseller then enters into a mirror agreement with Fusion Media wherein we agree to provide the contracted service. Resellers are responsible for billing, invoicing and collections from their clients, as well as for payment to Fusion Media for the agreed upon services.

FAQ: How should I transition my current clients to your Reseller services?

Answer:We have a formal “on boarding” process wherein we work with all our Resellers to map out the required project plan to transition clients into the Fusion/Reseller relationship. We train all our Resellers how to initiate and manage the on-boarding process and your assigned account executive will be communicating regularly with you throughout the process.

FAQ: Aside from the ones listed on your website, do you offer any other packages available?

Answer:Yes, we have customized packages for just about any digital marketing requirement. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about customized proposals to fit the exact needs of your existing or potential clients.

FAQ: Can you guarantee that my client’s website will rank on the 1st page of Google?

Answer:As a matter of fact, YES, we can and do! And as with all guarantees, there are conditions that apply.
Fusion provides a Guarantee of Performance wherein Fusion shall:

  1. Achieve top ten (first page) listings for twenty (20) agreed upon localized keywords for the Reseller’s client base website, as listed in the Customer Assessment Form.
  2. Timeframe: Top ten listings shall be completed within six (6) months from the Go-Live date of the account.
  3. Remedy: Fusion shall provide continued monthly services at no charge to the Reseller until such time as the guarantee has been met, at which time normal payments shall resume.
  4. Additional Remedy: In the event that after one (1) year of service to the Reseller Fusion has not fulfilled the Guarantee of Performance, all monthly maintenance fees paid by the Reseller shall be refunded in full.

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