Website SEO Compliance Audit

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Identify and repair fundamental, but often ignored and overlooked website issues to maximize your digital marketing efforts.

A website audit report allows you to get a comprehensive assessment of your client’s website and where it might be failing in its goal to impress and attract new business. By understanding where the key issues lie, you can make the appropriate recommendations to your client and provide them with a more accurate cost proposal.

Our website SEO compliance audit closely scrutinizes:

  • The design and layout of the website
  • The structure and navigability of the website
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Page title and meta description issues
  • Back links analysis
  • Page and link errors
  • URL architecture
  • In-depth target keyword analysis
  • And more

Why is a Website Audit Necessary?

Implementing and maintaining a long-term online marketing campaign requires a serious investment of time, money and other resources and should accordingly be well researched ahead of time. A detailed understanding of the limitations and shortfalls of a client’s current “online office” – the website – enables us to customize their marketing campaign and provide you with better results in the long term.

A website audit also gives Fusion Media the opportunity to discover issues within your client’s website that could have a resounding and detrimental impact upon their digital marketing campaign. It is fundamental that we understand what is currently wrong with the website in good time so that we can (1) provide you with an accurate quotation and (2) fix them promptly. The issues we typically find during our website audits range in complexity, but many would remain completely unhidden were it not for our experience and highly trained eyes.

For example, during our Website SEO compliance analysis, we pay close attention to the key-wording issues. We address questions such as: is the website ranking for a suitable number and diversity of relevant keywords and phrases? Are these keywords localized to a relevant geographic area, if necessary?

We also scrutinize the content of your client’s website: Is it well written, relevant and SEO compliant? Is it engaging and convincing or do you have pages and pages of irrelevant information and garble? Has the text been lifted off of a competitor’s site?

We perform this kind of thorough analysis with a great diversity of considerations, which you can read more about on the following link:

Website SEO Compliance Audit.

Please note that we encourage our valued partners to rebrand and share this marketing material with their existing and potential clients to help them understand the benefits of signing up for a website SEO compliance audit.

The Benefits of our Website Audit

  • Enhanced website SEO, which means greater visibility to search engines, higher rankings and increased website traffic.
  • Improved website user experience, which means a lower bounce rate, higher engagement and greater conversions.

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