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One of the best ways to get your clients’ websites to resonate strongly with search engines and, of course, with their target audience is to post custom videos on YouTube and their websites. You can do all the talking you want, but text rarely competes with a cleverly designed and well-put together video.

Video design, production and marketing is yet another of the stellar services Fusion Media offers to digital resellers and our HD videos are designed to meet the stringent needs of your unique clients. Whether they want to create a quick 30-second advertisement or a detailed 90-second company profile, Fusion Media can create the video content that will bring your clients closer to their audience.

Bring Your Client’s Brand Alive!

If your client is looking for a high quality and creative way to set their business aside from their competitors, then good video content is a must! Let Fusion Media take the reins of your video design, production and marketing, saving you the exorbitant cost of hiring equipment and a specialist film team to do the same thing.

Our HD video products come in many different formats and include:

  • Customer testimonials are great for increasing “trust” in your client’s products and services. Positive reviews contribute to a healthy online reputation and greater product awareness.
  • Company profiles provide viewers with a detailed introduction to your client’s company, business ethics, products and services. This is their chance to make a really positive impact on their audience!
  • Video Ads are used to market your client’s products and services, creating greater awareness in the online community of why your client’s business is an industry leader. Video ads contain a strong call-to-action and can also showcase special offers and discounts.

We also do product promotions, website videos, video interviews, viral videos, training videos, webmercials, fundraising videos and more…

Fusion Media Video Design and Production Services

Fusion Media’s dedicated production team puts together all of our videos in HD, which are then – subsequent to graphics, music, edits and final completion – handed over to you in mobile, TV broadcast and web-ready formats. You communicate with your clients directly and then present the completed video to them. The credit is yours and you can charge your client at retail while we’ll handle the heavy lifting at a wholesale price.

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