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Social media marketing, or Social Media Optimization (SMO), is a highly effective strategy your clients can use to appeal to a much wider and far more relevant target audience. Facebook, YouTube, Google+ Twitter, MySpace, Digg, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Hi5 and hundreds of hundreds more, are all examples of the phenomena that has taken all four corners of the globe by storm. As long as you have access to the Internet, no physical barrier or distance could come between your client being able to interact and share information about their product or service with the rest of the world… all using social media.

The Facts:

Social media ranks second in terms of growing importance (85%) as a source of leads for business, with SEO coming first at 94%.

Social media ranks second as a medium for content marketing (72%) by businesses, with web pages coming a close first at 80%.

Social media optimization helps to promote brand awareness, influence buying behavior, buying decisions and promotes customer loyalty.

Why Choose Fusion Media to Manage Your Client’s SMO?

As effective as SMO is, it’s also extremely time-consuming. Fusion Media makes use of 350 social media sites to which we broadcast high quality content and videos and this investment of time and resources simply wouldn’t be viable were it not for our sophisticated proprietary software. Choosing Fusion Media to manage your client’s social media optimization and marketing will launch them forward in to the social radar and into circles of people who matter to their business. It also saves you all the time and manpower necessary to achieve what we can with our software.

Organizing, training and monitoring a team to do the task-extensive online marketing efforts required of SMO in-house will be very time-consuming, taking away time from your core activities, your ability to focus on existing clients and generate new business for yourself. We offer our social media marketing services at wholesale prices and – given the vastly reduced costs permitted by our proprietary software – our costs are unparalleled in the industry, given the quality of our services.

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Our Social Media Optimization services will enable your client to:

  • Expose their brand name and image to a much larger target audience,
  • Effectively manage their online reputation,
  • Gain greater visibility without geographical obstacles,
  • Generate far more leads and customers or clients
  • Achieve all of the above at a much lower budget than with traditional marketing and advertising because most of the social media sites offer free subscription!

Need Help Convincing Clients To Sign Up For SMO?

You can make use of the following well-presented marketing materials, which, once you’re a valued partner of Fusion Media, you can brand and make your own:

We Offer our Reseller Partners

It is the goal of Fusion Media to put your clients on the first results page yielded by search engines for a number of highly relevant search phrases that pertain to their industry and geographical area. Social media marketing and Social Media Optimization are an integral part of establishing first page rankings for businesses in the modern Internet age, which, as a digital reseller, you’ll be acutely aware of. We offer:

  • SMO strategy and tactics that are based on thorough research and the analysis of market and technology data and trends.
  • The growth of your client’s network so as to get more referrals and join other business owners who are enjoying the status of being active on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Start getting the word out now about your client’s business and let the wheels start turning to beat out your competition!
  • Accumulate more happy and loyal customers while generating more sales and revenue from the increase in audience reach, engagement and amplification through social media.

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