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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the collection of strategies and processes that are required to improve a website’s ranking on search engines’ unpaid or “organic” search results pages (such as on Yahoo, Google and Bing). These results are for search phrases or words that are directly related to your client’s business, suite of products, services or brand.

But as a marketing professional, you will already know this…

What you will also know is that SEO is a time-consuming and intricate online marketing strategy that is simply indispensible if your clients are to benefit from greater online business success. The problem is, doing SEO yourself or organizing and training a team to do it in-house is a laborious and expensive task. How can you offer your clients quality SEO without doing the grind work yourself?

Simple: Fusion Media

By allowing us to implement and manage your SEO, you can place yourself and your clients on the fast track to a strategic SEO phase.

Getting Your Clients to Rank on Page # 1 of Google

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With a market share of 67%, Google is the most important search engine and as such, it is vital for any effective SEO strategy to be born out of a detailed understanding of Google’s intricate ranking factors and ever-changing algorithms. These are constantly evolving to display the most relevant search results to the individual user. Outdated SEO practices can actually harm rather than benefit a marketing strategy, which is why it’s so important to keep a finger on the pulse of the very latest designs and developments in search engine technology. This is exactly what Fusion Media does.

And our efforts almost always pay off in first page rankings for your clients for search queries related to their brand, business, services and products.

Why is This Important?

Websites that rank on the first results page yielded by Google have a 36.4% Click through Rate (CTR). Websites on the second get 12.5%, while the third page gets 9.5%. The higher the CTR, the more traffic your client’s website is going to get, which means more business for them and continued business for you without any of the leg work!

Fusion Media SEO Services

SEO done the right way results in much higher rankings for your client’s website, with Fusion Media’s ultimate goal of achieving the first position on the first page of Google. The SEO services offered by Fusion Media involve the application of proficient techniques and thorough guidelines in the design, coding, architecture, promotion, localization, content, linking, socialization and personalization of your client’s website.

The Results:

  • Increased free targeted traffic or visitors to your client’s website
  • High website visibility to local and global search engines
  • More client leads = greater business for your client

Choosing Fusion Media as your digital marketing partner puts you ahead of the curve.

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