Pay Per Click Advertising


Get your client instant traffic and target their potential customers with online ads set to only appear at a certain time for a specific geographical location! This is what Fusion Media can do with our Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.

PPC is a fast and effective way you can drive highly targeted traffic to your client’s website and with an increase in viewers, comes the greater potential for sales and revenue! This marketing tool is particularly useful for direct response campaigns, where direct and instant action is desired from your client’s leads. And, of course, PPC also allows for cost-per-click to be measured immediately against sales or conversions, so that you can determine your client’s ROI.

With PPC, we can help to your clients get fast, measurable results, targeted traffic and a top spot on Google’s first search results page. And all of this can be carefully controlled in terms of budget and expenditure since your client only pays for the clicks they receive.

The Benefits of a Good PPC Campaign

Because the benefits of PPC are immediate, it can serve as an excellent supplement to our Search Engine and Social Media Optimization services, which usually take a little longer to start showing results. In fact, top businesses typically allocate 25% of their marketing budget to PPC campaigns.

The benefits?

  • Increased web traffic
  • Increased lead generation
  • Increased online sales revenue
  • Achieving increasing measurable ROI

Why Choose Fusion Media?

With Fusion Media, you can liberate yourself from having to perform the highly technical and time-consuming tasks that are necessary to plan and implement a successful PPC campaign. Instead, you can focus your time, energy and resources on communicating with existing clients and sourcing new ones. Because we are such an experienced digital marketing team, we will be able to quickly determine what PPC strategy will work best with your client’s niche industry.

Fusion Media:

  • Sets up your client’s account
  • Performs thorough market and keywords research
  • Sets up your client’s campaign and ad groups
  • Plans and manages your PPC budget
  • Determines your targeting options
  • Tracks the number of conversions that have resulted from each click
  • Performs A/B testing to improve the Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Engages in constant analysis and optimization so that your clients can benefit from the most effective PPC campaign possible.

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