Online Reputation Management

“Your online reputation is shaped by your interactions in the online world and spans the disparate and varied data about you, whether created and posted by you or others. This information can have a lasting presence online, and can affect your business in many ways.”

Microsoft chief privacy officer, Brendon Lynch


With the proliferation of social media sites, shared opinions, the viral spread of videos, media and complaints and the trend towards potential customers turning to other customer’s reviews to guide purchasing decisions, comes the need for your clients to carefully and effectively manage their online reputation. Just one bad customer experience supported by the right media, such as a picture, video, blog post, status or essay, can soil your online reputation in an instant. This will have immediate implications for your client’s business and bottom line.

Here’s where Fusion Media can step in. Online reputation management is a carefully balanced art and science that requires dedicated effort and a lot of time in order to tip the scales in favor of your client’s business again. So, regardless of what has put a dent in your client’s reputation, be it some unflattering news, pictures, a negative review, blog posts or comments, we can buff out the tarnish and restore your client’s brand to a glimmering polish again!

The Importance of Online Reputation Management

The online reputation of your client IS their image on the Internet. Online Reputation Management is about improving or restoring your client’s name or their brand’s good standing with the online community. Fusion Media does this by countering, weakening or eliminating the negative material found on the Internet – defeating it with more positive material to improve your client’s credibility and their customer’s trust in them.

Your Client’s Reviews ARE Your Client’s Reputation

  • 59% of web users consider customer reviews to be more valuable than “expert” reviews.
  • 60% of online shoppers provide feedback about a shopping experience, and are more likely to give feedback about a positive experience than a negative one.
  • 70% of Americans now say they look at product reviews before making a purchase.
  • 71% of global consumers trust online consumer reviews, making them the second most trusted form of advertising behind earned media like word of mouth.

According to the above statistics, the vast majority of Internet users refer to testimonials and reviews prior to making a purchasing decision. This is precisely why it is so important to rebuild or reinforce your client’s online reputation with the promotion of positive reviews that highlight what is good about their company.

Fusion Media’s Online Reputation Management Services

Our experienced team will closely monitor your client’s online reputation by doing thorough quantitative and qualitative research.And should we find something that does not reflect your client’s brand in a positive light, wehave the skills, technology, time and manpower to actively do something about it! This allows you, our digital reseller and valued partner, to focus your energy and resources on your core business, leaving the hard work up to us… and at a fraction of the cost, too.

Fusion Media makes use of state-of-the-art monitoring tools and software to create a detailed picture of your client’s online reputation. This includes reviewing where they are most frequently mentioned (quantity analysis) and what is being said (quality analysis: is it good or bad). We don’t hide the negative sentiments from you, because we believe it’s important that all businesses see where their products and services are consistently failing to impress. This insight is what drives improvement and the pursuit of perfection!

We then:

  • Aggressively build customer ratings or positive reviews
  • Use press releases and articles to garner greater positive publicity for your client’s business
  • We increase activity in social media, such as on Twitter and Facebook, to exert greater influence over your client’s target audience.

Greater visibility on social media tends to cultivate greater trust and a closer relationship between a business and its existing and potential customers.

Online Reputation Management Materials

Read more about Online Reputation Management or rebrand and send these marketing materials to your client to help them understand the importance of this arena of digital marketing.

Quite simply, no modern business can afford not to do Online Reputation Management and we can make this essential aspect quick, easy and profitable for you!

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