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Local listings are increasingly used by people who are searching for products and services in their vicinity, who are also ready to make purchases either online or offline. And if you think about it, almost everyone with a smart phone is doing just this!

Local Buzz involves the optimization of your client’s business in local listings, search engine maps, and major search engines such as Bing Local, Google Places, Foursquare and Facebook Places. This helps businesses become ever more connected and accessible to a highly relevant target audience.

A maximized local online presence together with a powerful digital marketing campaign will therefore put your client ahead of their competition and Fusion Media has the tools, techniques and expertise to create this local buzz around your client’s business!

The Importance of Local Buzz to Your Client’s Marketing Campaign

The public is increasingly turning to local listings for shopping, dining, services, vendors and more. For these reasons, appearing in local search results can help your client’s business stand apart from its competition. And, of course, their success is yours.

Fortunately for you, many businesses are slow to realize this, which means there is lots of room for your client to create great Local Buzz by developing local content on pages, blog posts and page titles to optimize local search results.

  • Only 58% of businesses list their local address on their website
  • Only 22% of those surveyed rated mobile search as either critical or important
  • Only 19% do local citation building
  • 30% find local listings unimportant!

By encouraging your client to sign up for Local Buzz now will give them a distinct edge over their competitors. This will make it difficult for their competition to catch up and compete with them in the future when they finally do come aboard.

Why Choose Fusion Media?

Online Marketing Strategy Concept

Creating Local Buzz is quite a new marketing strategy and few marketing firms have the skills and expertise to perform it effectively. Choosing Fusion Media as your digital marketing outsourcer places your client in the best possible position to benefit from this quickly-expanding source of traffic and clients.

As a valued partner of Fusion Media, You do not need to master local buzz optimization, nor do you need to spend the time and money hiring and training a team. Simply contact Fusion Media and find out how we can catapult your client into greater local fame!

Our Local Buzz services include:

  • Local business listing research and creation,
  • Image creation, optimization and publication
  • Custom citation building
  • Review publication and promotion creation
  • Local mobile “check-in” visibility
  • Promotion and even social updates

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