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Making your client’s website, blogs, press releases and online content more visible to search engines and potential clients is what your SEO strategy should be all about. Here are some of the tools of the trade Fusion Media offers SEO resellers to help you ignite your clients’ online performance!

As a design and Internet marketing reseller, you want your clients’ websites to land in the top 10 search results yielded by local and global search engines. A fantastic way to do this is to broadcast content that makes search engines happy. And content that is quality, meaningful, interesting and relevant is guaranteed to catch the attention of the search engines that will drive potential business to your client’s website!

This is precisely what Fusion Media specializes in! We create top-notch unique content that is beautifully written and highly relevant to your client’s particular industry, no matter what it is. From dentistry, acupuncture and wealth management to sports science, ventilation systems and flooring: there is virtually no industry we have not produced compelling, high quality and thoroughly researched content for.

And in the realm of online marketing, content is king!

We Write for People, Not for Search Engines

Prior to Google’s algorithm changes, there was an emphasis on the quantity of content broadcasted rather than the quality of that content. The more key phrases you crammed into an article or webpage and the more articles and webpages you submitted, the higher your rankings on search result pages.

Not anymore!

Today, there is a very distinct emphasis on the quality of the content resellers associate with your client’s business, whether it’s an informative article, a blog, a webpage or a press release.

Our team of writers has been carefully selected for their experience, their education and their ability to convey concepts with their writing. It is important that what we produce for your clients resonates with them and is something they’d be proud to be associated with, no matter how “tricky” or pedantic the laws surrounding content publication may be, as is the case with the medical and financial management fields.

Our Content Creation Services Include:


Website Content: We produce promotional and informative content for websites with the goal of representing your client’s voice in a professional and sophisticated manner. This writing is beautifully worded and provides easy navigation from page to page, as well as a clear call-to-action.

Website Blogs: These are posted directly to your client’s website and contain interesting, though-provoking articles, pieces of advice or tips, the subject material of which can be provided by your client or can be researched from reputable and popular sources on the Internet.

SMO/SEO Articles: Every month, we broadcast a number of articles that contain keywords and are geared at drawing the attention of search engines. These articles are relevant, high quality, totally unique and contain backlinks to your client’s website.

Press Releases: We provide beautifully written newsworthy press releases to help your client announce any news, specials, events or discounts they may wish the public to be aware of.

All of Fusion Media’s content is:

  • Well researched
  • Written thoughtfully
  • Contains carefully selected key words and phrases
  • SEO compliant
  • Relevant
  • Informative
  • Promotional where necessary
  • 100% unique
  • Checked by Copyscape
  • Geared to mimic your client’s voice

Content Services for Resellers

We also offer all of these services to resellers themselves, helping you to create a website that clients will respond positively to. Our marketing materials, which include infographics, can quite be branded to reflect your unique message, and to convey the importance of your design and digital marketing services to potential clients! For example:

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