The Fusion Team

Fusion Media would not have enjoyed the immense success it has were it not for the efforts of our talented team, all of whom come from different backgrounds and bring incredibly different areas of expertise to the table. Our CEO, however, is the true driving force behind our enterprise and it’s his incredible experience, passion and dynamic expertise that enable us to achieve the results we do with clients.

Kendell Lang

Our founder and CEO, Kendell Lang, has decades’ worth of experience in marketing and software development. His career has evolved over the years, closely following the evolution of technology and the World Wide Web. Today, he is quite aptly known as a “social media marketing guru” and has written several articles, books and papers on the matter.

Kendell is also an excellent orator and is known around the United States for his charisma, expertise and experience in the field.He has worked for some of the biggest and most esteemed companies in the country; helping them to advance their online marketing campaigns and achieve even greater success.

Now, with Fusion Media, Kendell specializes in only providing marketing services to resellers and other marketing agencies.

Kendell lives in San Diego with his wife, Lisa Jander. He loves to surf, travel, teach and Italian food.

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