Fusion Testimonials

Below are the testimonials of some of the agencies we have worked and currently work for. Given our privacy policy, we have not mentioned the names of the agencies in question.

We have worked with Fusion Media Marketing for just over a year now and the working arrangement couldn’t be any easier for us! While I have a background in online marketing, I virtually never get involved in the daily operations of our clients’ accounts, because that’s all handled seamlessly by Fusion. Instead, as the CEO of my company, I focus on sourcing new clients and in keeping existing ones happy. For this reason, we have really been allowed that most indispensible of resources – time – and elbowroom to take off in the most prosperous way. Fusion is definitely the way to go.

-Chief Executive Officer, Web Design Company

Being able to tailor the marketing services we receive from Fusion in order to meet our precise and unconventional needs has been pivotal to the success of our company. Not to mention the fact it took all of two months for Fusion to get our clients onto Google’s first search results page! We love working with Fusion – they’re quick, effective and efficient – and would highly recommend them to anyone in the digital marketing industry.

-Head of Marketing, Digital Marketing agency

We use Fusion Media Marketing for the creation and distribution of our clients’ press releases. The content they generate is engaging, thoughtful and well researched and seldom requires any amendment at all. They take the time to research the clients’ industry, mission and message so that the content reflects their brand, which is something we’ve never been able to replicate with any freelance copywriter. They know what they’re doing and the press releases reach a wider audience than we could ever hope for. Very happy with Fusion Media!

-Marketing Executive, PR Firm

Since signing up with Fusion Media Marketing, we’ve been outsourcing all our clients’ SEO to them and the job has been handled expertly. The decision to outsource has turned our business 180 degrees. We save enormously on operation costs and we’re able to focus exclusively on existing and new clients. Anyone in the industry will know that SEO is a laborious task and one that requires a lot of manpower to get right. With Fusion on board, we’re saved all that time and effort and yet turn a very handsome profit!

-Chief Executive Officer, SEO Marketing Firm

Our clients have very particular needs as far as their online marketing is concerned and, historically, this has been something we’ve struggled to balance. With the decision to bring Fusion Media Marketing on board to handle all very diverse aspects of our clients’ digital marketing, we’ve finally struck gold. We communicate with the clients and with Fusion and Fusion gets the job done, no matter how complex and varied their marketing needs. It’s a perfect set-up and – with most of our clients’ on the first page of Google – a smashing success. We’re very happy!

-Director, Small Business Marketing Company

I worked my way up from web designer to the CEO of my own web design company and I was able to do this by outsourcing many of the jobs I had to Fusion Media Marketing who handled these jobs as I would have personally – with pride in my work and very close attention to detail. I now use them regularly to cope with the much-increased volume of work I’ve been able to generate with more free time on my hands. Being able to take the credit for someone else’s hard work has never been so legal or so profitable!

-Chief Executive Officer, Web Design Company

Working with Fusion Media Marketing is great. Their online system is easy to use and the work gets done quickly and efficiently. Finding, training and hiring staff is an expensive and time-consuming process – we find it far easier outsourcing our digital marketing needs to Fusion.

-Consultant, Online Business Consulting Firm

We have had so many negative experiences with other digital marketing firms that we were convinced we were going to have problems with Fusion. We took the chance because a good associate of our CEO had nothing but positive things to say about them. After working with Fusion for about 8 months, we can all honestly admit that this is the first outsourcing digital marketing company that has delivered on absolutely all aspects and then some. They are very discreet and deliver work in a timely and highly professional manner. I would highly recommend them to any marketing firm who wants to supercharge productivity and profits.

-Marketing Consultant, Online Marketing Agency

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